#FREE! The Rose Trail, Book One of The Spirit Level Series

To celebrate the publication of Book Two in the Spirit Level Series, Triskelion, and to mark #Black Friday, The Rose Trail is #FREE for a few days, starting today!

Fancy delving into a spooky story set in the English Civil War? Roundheads and Cavaliers fought each other at that turbulent time – even if they were brothers. Rose, thwarted in love, seeks revenge and leaves a trail of rose scent when she visits Meadowsweet Manor, causing all sorts of mayhem. Can Fay and Percy, two mismatched psychic detectives, help Rose find eternal peace, or will this unhappy ghost cause them more harm than good?

Grab a copy and find out! mybook.to/TheRoseTrail


Triskelion, Book Two in The Spirit Level Series -Book launch!

I’m both thrilled and (over)excited to announce the publication of my latest book, Triskelion, which is available in both kindle and paperback formats here: https://amzn.to/3qbwMSF. Triskelion is Book Two of The Spirit Level Series and again features Fay and Percy, two mismatched psychic detectives drawn together in Book One, The Rose Trail.

After setting up their website, ‘Spirit Level’, in an abandoned moment of hubris, the two amateur sleuths are astonished to find a rock star requesting their services on a professional basis. Rick O’Shea claims he is unable to record a new album on the island of Anglesey, just off the coast of North Wales, due to inexplicable mayhem in his music studio. Throwing caution to the wind, they answer his plea and embark on an adventure that takes them back 2000 years to when the Druids and Romans faced each other in battle. Can Fay and Percy communicate across such an enormous length of time with the determined spirit who is causing so much disruption? Only slowly do they realise the significance of the triskelion symbol that keeps appearing as they uncover its mystery, and hear the message this ancient soul is so desperate to convey to the entire world.