Beta readers for Daffodils

This is the first feedback from a beta reader (someone who\’s critical, honest but trustworthy and you ask them to read your manuscript before publishing) I\’ve had.  It promises well and I\’m on pins to hear the final verdict.

\”It must be such a grand feeling to have finished Daffodils. I have to complain that it’s keeping me up at night! I can’t tear myself away to go to sleep! It flows really well and is rounded and fulsome – sorry the words are a bit sort of stilted but that’s the best way I can describe it. I feel like I’m in a good restaurant with delicious and beautifully cooked food – can’t get enough. You’ve really put your heart into it. Kate is sympathetic and believable and although I don’t like Charles much because he’s thoughtless,  his rashness is shown in a fuller context and he is so young too. Somehow I’m much more aware that he’s off to war and desperate to take every last bit of fun he can manage before he goes.  You really are letting your characters shine and lead the way. The flow of the story is very polished and the characters too. If you want me to nitpick about tiny minor things, which may only be down to me let me know.  Nothing has spoilt the story in any way so far. I’m loving it but I want to make the best job possible of being a beta reader for you, as promised.\”

It\’s agony waiting for the verdict when they\’ve finished it.  Let\’s hope it improves the further into the story my friend goes!

Watch this space….

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