Beta Reader No 3\'s verdict on Daffodils

\”I’ve got to the end of Daffodils and a very satisfying ending it is too. I can quite see why this has taken you a long time to finish. The research must have been phenomenal.

The ending had me in tears. It really did. You’ve done a wonderful job of the emotional ups and downs as well as giving insight into a terrible war. I had no idea that the British were so cruel and unfeeling towards their own. I only knew they were harsh on deserters even those, who these days would be found mentally unfit to be held responsible for their actions. It’s unbelievable what they all went through and you make clear the point – for what? Germany is now an ally and is doing better than we are or France for that matter and has more power. It is a powerful and beautiful story and in quite a different, and necessarily different, style from TV. I hope this will become the winner it deserves to be, Alex.

Thanks for a really amazing read. I had no idea it would have such a strong tale to tell.

Well done! \”

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