The Twisted Vine is still in the top 100 Bestsellers for France!

It is very satisfying to see that my first book, #The Twisted Vine, is still in the top 100 bestsellers list for the France category on  a year into its launch in 2012.
From September this year I plan to change my diary so that mornings are devoted to writing and I tackle Life – work/chores/stuff – after lunch.  That will give a rhythm to my writing time that I hope will bear fruit.
I\’ve been thinking about a sequel for #Daffodils and some ideas are bubbling away on the back burner.  In the meantime I want to settle down to writing #The Rose Trail (the beginning of which remains in the Top Ten on  – a new story full of ghosts from the time of the English #Civil War.  It is also a contemporary story about two women who meet by chance and form a deep and lasting friendship through facing their fears.
For now, I\’m off on a holiday to la belle France to rest, recuperate and research.  I\’m hoping to sketch out The Rose Trail while I\’m away and don\’t have the normal distractions.  We\’re staying at a very quiet campsite so I shall be hopefully sitting in a peaceful field, next to a river, letting the creative juices flow in an unrestricted stream of creativity.  That\’s the plan ….anyway!

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